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Matraville History

James Matra was a midshipman on the voyage made by Captain James Cook to Botany Bay in 1770. The area was originally reserved for the Church and Schools Corporation, and was known as Cross Roads. John Rowland Dacey was the state member for Botany, and was largely responsible for a school being established at Matraville. it was Dacey (namesake of Daceyville) that suggested to the Department of Education the area be named after James Matra (nee Magra).

An area of 72.5 acres was allocated for the settlement of returned soldiers from WW1 in 1917. 93 cottages were built and they became the Matraville Soldier’s Garden Village. Most were demolished in 1977, but one is still standing in Somme Way.

How to get here

Area code 2036 is about 9km south of Sydney.

From Anzac Parade near the Sydney Cricket Ground, 2036 is an easy drive straight down Anzac Parade. Turn onto Bunnerong Road to go through Matraville; the straight trip down Anzac takes you through Maroubra and down to La Perouse.

Matraville is bordered by Maroubra to the north, Malabar to the east, Port Botany to the west and Chifley to the south.

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