Boot up Your Business Workshop (BEC) – Tuesday, 15th July 

Workshop 1: What’s Holding You Back

What you see is what you get!

It’s true! Think about it – have you ever had a vision in your mind and then achieved that exact goal?  Maybe it was getting your first car, or a job, or seeing yourself speaking on a stage, or going on a trip. But at some stage, this thought was just a picture in your mind.

Here’s 3 thoughts about vision that can help you in your business and your life:

  1. Vision is one of the most powerful internal tools you have to help you move towards your goals because your mind has an internal compass directing you towards what you think about the most.
  2. When your vision aligns with your values – you will have more clarity and confidence
  3. When your vision is clear – you act with conviction, procrastinate less, and get more done

This is for you if you want to define or redefine your commercial vision, your offering and your ‘why’. Join our vision workshop and create the change you need in your business.

Why Attend?

●  Get more referrals●  Get more sales

●  Help people understand your business so that they think of you more often
●  Connect with our team and community


Our interactive and informative workshops will help you to plan your business and take ACTION, along with personalised phone coaching sessions to keep you on track – click here for more information.

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